Kimblee Lilyheart

The Sprout druid


Name: Kimblee
Age: 22
Race: Sprout
Height/Weight: 3’1/33 lbs
Hometown: Bel’tea
Profession: Druid
Animal Companion: Koric the Barn Owl
Physical Notes: Estiel marks on neck and chest. Doll joint scars. Various bodily scars due to being attacked by Devour, including three gouges on the left side of her face.


Kimblee was born on May 2nd in the small town of Bel’tea to the seamstress Gesane and the farmer Cardoc. The youngest in a family of five, she was most definitely the runt, though her siblings did their best to keep her out of trouble. She showed interest in nature at a young age and after a small circus passed through Bel’tea on the way to the capitol she became entranced by the druidic arts after watching an Ul druid perform. After long years in the library studying every tome she could find on druids she was surprised with an unexpected animal companion – a barn owl that smacked into the toy store window going after a stuffed mouse. Kimblee mended him and they became quick friends despite the owl’s manic behavior. As she grew older and suffered those awkward teenage years (made more awkward by her lagging social skills) she got a bad case of wanderlust and chose to join a caravan headed to Jan’nasche. Her father was quite cross about it but her mother saw a lot of herself in her youngest daughter’s eyes and bid her to go with her blessing. After taking on many odd jobs along the way Kimblee managed to get to Jan’nasche at an opportune time – the local postmaster had recently passed away and the town needed someone good with birds. It seemed luck finally favored her…

Kimblee Lilyheart

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