Children of Aya

The Second Surfacing War - A Priest and a Cave in Engineer

A man was found wandering in the Ayaspine by An’nak, brought there through a rip during Ayonjetide. An’nak took him to Jan’nasche to be taken care of. His name was Captain Tristan Priest. He said he was from Earth but Kimblee went to Johnathan to see if he knew nything and he didn’t. Then Degenes and Scout were asked by Jas’smin Dela’Kra to go to the Crossrad City of Kalma where a collapse had cut them off from their trade route with Sanguine City. They went with Kimblee and Capt. Priest as well. Scarlet stayed at Kimblee’s house to watch over Vektor, who was by now quite old. They made it to the Crossroad City of Kalma where they met two men who had been in the collapse, one who was very interested in Scout. Then they met an Under who had helped set up the cave in. They realized he was Keseshke Vendrrenshk, Tendrre’s boy. They got him out of the jail in exchange for info. He warned them not to go to the other northern cities, as more cave ins were planned.

Then in the Undeground Akevtarr the Dryder and Grreshkam were in the tunnels when a cave in almost trapped them. They ran into the cave in engineer Drranterr who appologized. They had ordered an evacuation that they’d missed. He took them to the city, Vendorr to sign them up for the army. Then Isabella LeBlanq gave a speech trying to get people to join the army. One man refused and she killed him.

The One True God - Shipwrecked

Back at the Casino, Johnathan frantically tried to find a way to get Izaiah out of the Dream Scapes, but Nacht had shut down the walls, so he took him to the Dream Castle and begged Nacht to send him back. Nacht kicked Izaiah out but on the way to edion he was grabbed by Michah and fed to the demons. Izaiah’s body died.
The next night Seaden died in his sleep, and Tam had a dream that The World was dying and begging for help. They traveled to Ruprecht’s Reach and as they pulled up to the shore Captain was grabbed by a hook and pulled off board. The crew ran after him a he was pulled onto a makeshift tower where Judgement was. While the others fought to try and get up to the Captain, she and him fought, Just as Rex got up to the top of the tower Judgement stabbed the Captain through the jaw, the sword piercing through the top of his head.
Long story really short, Michah Likane rose due to the spell that needed Crane blood. Delon was blasted off the tower and died. Marzia and Shirker were blasted and died. Delnor was hit with fire from Krip and almost died. Devour’s body was destroyed so he hopped to Delnor. Johnathan turned all doll at the sight of his dead brother. Krip grabbed Rex and retreated to the Mealstrom. Tam beheaded Delnor, which caused Deevour to hop to Elana. Rowan was blasted and killed as he tried to get Johnathan to move. Tam ran and grabbed Johnathan and ran back to the ship.
All the animal companions past their natural life span died as The World died. Tam and Krip held a funeral for little Shirker and the others.
Then Captain’s ghost appeared. Since he is a Crane he could not go anywhere, so he stayed on the ship as a ghost.
The druids got everyone to the mountains.

Later we find out that Captain;s lady was pregnant with a half elf girl. Rex and Krip raiss her on the ship and she becomes Captain Claudia Crane.

The One True God - Angels

Khadgin was visited below deck by Devour, who offered him a trade – His daughter for Khadgin’s magic. He agreed if Devour could bring her to him. Devour did as asked and brought his daughter. He made the trade and disappeared. Then the daughter started acting strangely and it was revealed that she was an ML doll made of wax. He brought her above deck and destroyed her with a rune he had saved, causing much panic on the ship. Marzia went to speak with him about it and learned of their predicament. Then she and the rest of the crew talked about game plans and contacted the old group to see if Drag would help, but they were too busy trying to round up the last of the druids. Tam offered to let them hide in the mountains with the dwarves, and wrote a letter to explain to his people why these big bugs and people were there. Then they all hit the hay. Khadgin visited the Jan’nasche scape to speak with Vektiel, who called Aiden to help him. He sold several parts of his soul to buy spells from Aiden. Then Elana was woken up by strange splashing sounds, but couldn’t move and had something whispering inside her. The captain screamed, waking several of the crew up. They got there in time to see Gunner stumble from Capt’s quarters cluting a wound inhis side and holding a vial of dark liquid. He called to something that he “got it” and khadgin exploded the vial. Then The Red Mannequin came and pulled all the blood from the busted vial up onto her arm, and she threw Gunner overboard. Rex went to help Capt, who was stabbed in the chest and unconscious on the floor. The others fought The Red Mannequin, leading to several injuries and one crew member (Johnathan) being thrown overboard after he touched her with the An’nak feather. As he sunk (his body had turned to half porcelain in her grasp) he prayed to the angel to save him. She heard him and busted through the already weak planar walls to try and save him. She grabbed him and once on deck, blessed the crew which healed all the porcelain and stabilized Khadgin and Delnor, who were both dying. She then fought The Red Mannequin up in the rigging, who had been trying to push the shit into a cliff. She managed the throw the mannequin into the water but that pushed the ship up against the cliff anyway and she had to steer the boat to shore before it sank, all while the mannequin pulled herself back out of the water. The mannequin left as An’nak was distracted, its arm still coated in Capt’n’s blood. They had to rush to patch up the ship, and stop the water from coming in the kitchen and brig where Uncle Grandpa and Marcus were. It was only once everything settled and the ship was salvaged that anyone noticed that Isaiah hadn’t woken up this entire time.

The One True God - Uncle Grandpa

The crew soon reached Senvuul, preparing to part ways with the Crane siblings. However they happened upon a small church camp inhabited by none other than Michael and Marcus Crane. After some brief discussion Rex made the great and powerful discover that Michael was his “uncle grandpa” and proceeded to annoy the holy hell out of the poor old man. Michael picked Rex up and Khadgin saw the opportunity to cause some churchly problems by telling Cap’n that Michael was messing with his son. Naturally a fight ensued and Cap’n kicked Michael’s ass, taking him and his son on board as hostages. They found out the two had escaped from Ruprecht’s Reach before the massacre due to Michael eavesdropping on a few higher up priests. Jonathan Crane got nice and sauced when faced with the impending awkwardness with his brother. The crew soon sailed on towards Ruprecht’s Reach, splitting up so that half the crew stayed on board while half went to investigate the reach.

The One True God - The Truth

The crew fought through the tempest surrounding Black Flag Bay and escaped with moderate damage to The Maelstrom, sailing on towards the mainland in order to reconnect with the druid forces. However the storm blew them off-course enough that they came across the waste from an island that was not supposed to be there. And by waste I mean body parts. Upon reaching the island the crew split, half remaining on board and half going to explore. They quickly found out that the island was under templar control, and after Khadgin blew the hell out of some templar forces they eventually figured out a way to sneak in. Jonathan illusioned templar garb on them and they snuck into the big facility. Inside they discovered several gruesome experiments being performed on druids and fae, and it took all their conviction not to kick some ass. They managed to find more information on the church’s plans and how they were using the fae and druids as a distraction while they searched for something…otherworldly to unleash their god’s “judgement” upon the world. After gathering some documents and escaping back to the ship they reigned righteous fires of fury down on the templars and sailed towards Senvuul once more.

The One True God - Tempest

The group went to sleep quarantined on the Maelstrom. Elana, Tom, Rex, Iszaiah, and Marzia woke in a church. They found cracks under the pews that Elana spoke to. Once it got her name from her it latched onto her, calling her name. Iszaiah noticed chains in the ceiling. There was no door. Tom broke through the window and Marzia dissiapted the metal designs for the stained glass, which ended up going into William’s hair. He was not pleased, and showed up just long enough to yell at her. They decided to jump out the window since the cracks were getting closer, and they landed on glass. When they all looked up they were in a room a mirrors. Elana’s reflection was cracked. Tom reacted by punching the mirror, which shattered all the glass, injuring many of them. Elana ended up gettign a piece embedded in her face, Tom was peirced in the rotator cuff, Marzia was sliced in the lower side of her back, and poor rex jumped out of the way just perfectly for a shard to cut through his leg and sever his tendom rendering him unable to walk. As they sat in the glass shards a clacking sound from the dark made them look up. A harlequin came in a pink nurse dress and gave them all bandaids that numbed the pain. She also left a pink wheelchair for Rex. They followed the nurse into a field where they met mistress mia. As they tried to ignore her they came across rips in the air. Marzia went through after a few tests with rocks and sticks, and ended up alone in a graveyard. Deep in the graveyard she saw a red angel statue that began to move closer to her. She ran back through the rips to get back to the field. They ran only to see the red angel infront of them. It’s wings rose and it flew after them. They all ran towards a cliff save for Iszaiah. The angel followed him but missed him when a pair of grey hands sucked him away. The others jumped off the cliff into awakeness. Iszaiah was drawn into the inbetween and dropped into awakeness.
Once they woke Khadgin and Seaden helped put everyone back together. The next morning Captain spoke with Khodgin, Johnathan, Krip, and Marzia about Khodgin’s plan to flush out the traitor. Johnathan illusioned a whip and wounds, Krip ghost sounded the crack. Marzia read everyone’s thoughts while the beating took place of Khodgin, who framed himself by putting grease on the door of Captain’s door. Captain said that while Khodgin swears he didn’t remember doing it, he still had to face the consequences.
After that they all decided that it would be best to travel to Black Flag Bay, which is what the map that was stolen depicted. They chose this over the festival in Ruprecht’s Reach, saying any druid stupid enough to go was too stupid. They sailed for three weeks before finally making port.
They made port and immediately noticed a woman on the roof tops following them. A few of the newer crew members when to get their ears pierced, but only Delon got his done by the seedy merchant that they got their earrings from. Then they all went to the Golden Crane Tavern, where they met Maria the Bloody. Captain went to look at the papers of the establishment with her (since he owned it) while the others had a good time. Khadgin bought four scarlet fae for Krip to make up for the 15 elven women he’d been forced to leave behind. They then noticed the woman from the roofs in the corner, wearing men’s clothing and homemade sunglasses. Johnathan went to talk to her and discovered that she was a Crane as well. They met her, Taj, and her brother, Xavier, who had come to fine Captain, who was also their brother. She gave Rex a drug that caused euphoria which pissed Captain off. He met his sister by punching her in the face. Rex went to get Marzia to get them to stop finding and she ended up becoming the butter in a Peanut butter and Jelly Crane Sandwich. Khadgin shacked up with a waitress.
That night all the druids woke up with a horrendous ripping sensation in their hearts. They ran to the ship where Seaden was. They watched as the sky ripped open to glow red and deep angry storm clouds billowed out into the sky. Seaden freaked out, saying something horrible had happened to The World, and passed out. Captain freaked, revealing that Saeden was a High Druid, directly tied to the fate of The World. Everyone was gathered back onto the Maelstrom. Marzia heard Saeden’s his thoughts. He was screaming, and repeating “178, 178 dead, 178 gone” Rex sent a message in a bottle with a sword fish who got it to a mermaid who got it to a scarlet fae who got it to Antoinette, Delon, Dahlia, Olivia, and Drag. They found a way to keep in touch with the Maelstrom and began gathering the druid army again. Delon was almost as bad off as Saeden. Back on the Maelstrom, they started hearing another voice inside Seaden, who could control his movements. It knew Elana’s name. Iszaiah went to speak with his father, who stepped into the waking world to check on his friends, causing them a stir but explaining nothing. They then noticed the faces int he clouds, and counted them up to the 178.

The One True God - Shadow Stags

Tobius found a job at a clothing store. Everyone else had also gone shopping or looking for odd jobs. Tom went and knit for a shop, despite being treated very poorly. Marzia went to the brothel to do some teacher, and when she left she ran into Delon and helped him get laid after working all day at a diner doing dishes. Rowan stayed with the druid crew member. Tobius went to dinner with the shopkeep he’d met. Rex, Izaiah, Kadgin, obius and Tom went back to sleep on the ship, and Skoal and Kadgin stole Delnor’s good coffee. Johnathan and Elana gt rooms that held still. Then Marzia, Delnor, Tobius, and Rowan woke up on deck. Delnor went downstairs to find coffee but returned sad and empty handed. No coffee. Marzia went down to find the others and saw Devour’s room with the hooks and freaked out. Delnor then was like “oh yeah, that’s down there.” Marzia now hates Delnor. They noticed the stars were hanging by strihngs from the sky. They went into town and everyone was moving as if day time and were in red robes. They also noticed that they all had stag horns in their shadows. The crew didn’t, save for Delnor. They found an information desk that was not helpful at all, and then Marzia went and talked to the stars. Then they returned to the ship to see a red glow under Krip’s door. They opened it to see Judgement engulfed in flame. “Judgement will be passed.” They woke. They all gathered back together save for Tobius who went to work. They discovered that Delnor still had the stag shadows and Khadgin read the books on demons that Johnathan had given him and saw that it was a demon named Purge. They went to tell the Captain, and then Khadgin and Marzia searched the part of town that was where the fae lived to see it emptied and covered in secret fae writing begging for help. They returned to the ship to find the books and a map of the secret pirate city missing. They had a traitor on board. Everyone was called to the ship, including Tobius and his lady, and the Captain and Queen. They were ordered to stay on the ship for that night, for protection. Tobius announced that he would be staying in the town after the ship left, and decided to throw them one final party to say farewell and to keep everyone a little bit calmer in light of this stress. During the party Khadgin and the Captain made secret plans to out the traitor.

The One True God - Waldprotectir

Khadgin, Rex, Johnathan, and Tom awoke in Jan’nasce along with Scout, Degenes, and An’nak. Khadgin went into the Squid Bucket to find a doll lay behind the counter. He then opened the church to see a gaping red hole in the floor. He stepped in to see better and red strings flew out and wrapped around him. Tom pulled him back but his hands were porcelained. An’nak blessed him and his skin returned, but were scarred at the joints. They then saw Vektiel rocking in Vektor’s chair drinking tea. He made a stab at Degenes, “Did you ever wonder how much of your friend was me? How many times you and I talked? Would you carre forr some te~ea?” Khadgin wanted to turn him against the other demons but he said he would only do it for a body. They made port on the North West coast of Senvuul to make repairs on the ship, and ran into the Waldprotectir. They were on the run and were the lst remaining survivors of the group. They helped repair the ship before they set sail again for Suumaen. They made it and the Captain introduced everyone to his lady, the queen of the elves. She saw Tom hiding on the ship (he was wearing a false beard knit for him by rex) and he followed him onto the ship and pulled him out, telling him to hold his head high and be a proud dwarf. She was then beckoned to by Tobius, who asked her what she thought of his outfit. He then grew irate when she replied “fine.” Krip was pulled away to the brothels on her order, as was Delnor. The crossdressing Bos’n took Tobius to find work in a sewing shop.

The One True God - Judgement on the High Seas

After that they decided to head to Suumaen to try and get more medication from the Captain’s lady. On their voyage they were intercepted by a red church ship. Judgement was on it. Krip and Tom went across to the other ship to fight while the others manned canons. When Judgement caught the Maelstrom’s sails on fire Krip returned to help save her. Marzia dissappated the sails into Kimblee’s garden. Then Judgement burned off Tom’s beard and he hit her really hard, causing a letter to fall from her. He grabbed it just as Johnathan made an illusion of a Dragon. This freaked out the enemy ship’s crew long enough for Khadgin and Skoal to hit the mast and push it over onto Judgement, thus ending the battle. Then that night they all had a dream scape in the swamps. They met the swamp singers and Khadgin studied steam power. They then met up with William who took them to Johnathan who could read the note. In the casino Johnathan read the note (whoch was talking about Michah Likane) and then he spoke to his son Izaiah for the first time.

The One True God - She Screams at Night

They had to make port again in Rex’s home town to try and get Captain some extra medication. They had found a note in the water asking God to help the lady who screams at night and to find his little sister. Rex went to find his orphan family but they were gone. He freaked. They searched and searched, and then saw a little boy on the edge of the forest. He was clutching a letter for God. Elana convinced him they were from God so he gave it to them. His dad had been gone for a few days, and he was hungry and scared. They took him to a hotel room where they put him to sleep and locked him in before heading to his house, where Captain and Rex had been before. After breaking in they encountered a dog with no back legs. His name was Ralph. They then encountered the zombie wife, who offered to make them drinks. They then found the boy’s room with shackles, feces, and claw marks. The other room, a little girl’s, was boxed up, but showed similar signs of restraints. They found the woman again who lead them to her husbands study in the basement. It was a medical room where they found a book of his experiments, including those done on his daughter. The last page included a suicide note. Marzia felt it too cruel to let the woman live, so she killed her. They then went outside and saw an upper room that was not there inside so they climbed the house and broke in. It was a room filled with pinned up fairies like butterflies. They went down and decided to wait there for the woman that screamed at night. Soon she stated screaming and they followed it, finding the corpses of the successful experiments that had tried to escape. Thy then found a feral seer whom was someone Rex knew. She lead them to a cove filled wih body parts. They took her back to the house and decided to send her to the Twin’s parents to care for. They went back to get the boy, who had paniced after waking up in another locked room. Marzia bought him candy. They all huddled in the old house. They sent Khadgin’s bird Kiln to find Antoinette and Drag. They came post haste, and by the next day they arrived to take the seer and boy, and to berate their sons and be sure they were in good hands. Delon and Olivia came too.


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