Children of Aya

The One True God - Angels

Khadgin was visited below deck by Devour, who offered him a trade – His daughter for Khadgin’s magic. He agreed if Devour could bring her to him. Devour did as asked and brought his daughter. He made the trade and disappeared. Then the daughter started acting strangely and it was revealed that she was an ML doll made of wax. He brought her above deck and destroyed her with a rune he had saved, causing much panic on the ship. Marzia went to speak with him about it and learned of their predicament. Then she and the rest of the crew talked about game plans and contacted the old group to see if Drag would help, but they were too busy trying to round up the last of the druids. Tam offered to let them hide in the mountains with the dwarves, and wrote a letter to explain to his people why these big bugs and people were there. Then they all hit the hay. Khadgin visited the Jan’nasche scape to speak with Vektiel, who called Aiden to help him. He sold several parts of his soul to buy spells from Aiden. Then Elana was woken up by strange splashing sounds, but couldn’t move and had something whispering inside her. The captain screamed, waking several of the crew up. They got there in time to see Gunner stumble from Capt’s quarters cluting a wound inhis side and holding a vial of dark liquid. He called to something that he “got it” and khadgin exploded the vial. Then The Red Mannequin came and pulled all the blood from the busted vial up onto her arm, and she threw Gunner overboard. Rex went to help Capt, who was stabbed in the chest and unconscious on the floor. The others fought The Red Mannequin, leading to several injuries and one crew member (Johnathan) being thrown overboard after he touched her with the An’nak feather. As he sunk (his body had turned to half porcelain in her grasp) he prayed to the angel to save him. She heard him and busted through the already weak planar walls to try and save him. She grabbed him and once on deck, blessed the crew which healed all the porcelain and stabilized Khadgin and Delnor, who were both dying. She then fought The Red Mannequin up in the rigging, who had been trying to push the shit into a cliff. She managed the throw the mannequin into the water but that pushed the ship up against the cliff anyway and she had to steer the boat to shore before it sank, all while the mannequin pulled herself back out of the water. The mannequin left as An’nak was distracted, its arm still coated in Capt’n’s blood. They had to rush to patch up the ship, and stop the water from coming in the kitchen and brig where Uncle Grandpa and Marcus were. It was only once everything settled and the ship was salvaged that anyone noticed that Isaiah hadn’t woken up this entire time.



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