Children of Aya

The One True God - Uncle Grandpa

The crew soon reached Senvuul, preparing to part ways with the Crane siblings. However they happened upon a small church camp inhabited by none other than Michael and Marcus Crane. After some brief discussion Rex made the great and powerful discover that Michael was his “uncle grandpa” and proceeded to annoy the holy hell out of the poor old man. Michael picked Rex up and Khadgin saw the opportunity to cause some churchly problems by telling Cap’n that Michael was messing with his son. Naturally a fight ensued and Cap’n kicked Michael’s ass, taking him and his son on board as hostages. They found out the two had escaped from Ruprecht’s Reach before the massacre due to Michael eavesdropping on a few higher up priests. Jonathan Crane got nice and sauced when faced with the impending awkwardness with his brother. The crew soon sailed on towards Ruprecht’s Reach, splitting up so that half the crew stayed on board while half went to investigate the reach.



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