Children of Aya

The Second Surfacing War - A Priest and a Cave in Engineer

A man was found wandering in the Ayaspine by An’nak, brought there through a rip during Ayonjetide. An’nak took him to Jan’nasche to be taken care of. His name was Captain Tristan Priest. He said he was from Earth but Kimblee went to Johnathan to see if he knew nything and he didn’t. Then Degenes and Scout were asked by Jas’smin Dela’Kra to go to the Crossrad City of Kalma where a collapse had cut them off from their trade route with Sanguine City. They went with Kimblee and Capt. Priest as well. Scarlet stayed at Kimblee’s house to watch over Vektor, who was by now quite old. They made it to the Crossroad City of Kalma where they met two men who had been in the collapse, one who was very interested in Scout. Then they met an Under who had helped set up the cave in. They realized he was Keseshke Vendrrenshk, Tendrre’s boy. They got him out of the jail in exchange for info. He warned them not to go to the other northern cities, as more cave ins were planned.

Then in the Undeground Akevtarr the Dryder and Grreshkam were in the tunnels when a cave in almost trapped them. They ran into the cave in engineer Drranterr who appologized. They had ordered an evacuation that they’d missed. He took them to the city, Vendorr to sign them up for the army. Then Isabella LeBlanq gave a speech trying to get people to join the army. One man refused and she killed him.



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