Children of Aya

The One True God - Shipwrecked

Back at the Casino, Johnathan frantically tried to find a way to get Izaiah out of the Dream Scapes, but Nacht had shut down the walls, so he took him to the Dream Castle and begged Nacht to send him back. Nacht kicked Izaiah out but on the way to edion he was grabbed by Michah and fed to the demons. Izaiah’s body died.
The next night Seaden died in his sleep, and Tam had a dream that The World was dying and begging for help. They traveled to Ruprecht’s Reach and as they pulled up to the shore Captain was grabbed by a hook and pulled off board. The crew ran after him a he was pulled onto a makeshift tower where Judgement was. While the others fought to try and get up to the Captain, she and him fought, Just as Rex got up to the top of the tower Judgement stabbed the Captain through the jaw, the sword piercing through the top of his head.
Long story really short, Michah Likane rose due to the spell that needed Crane blood. Delon was blasted off the tower and died. Marzia and Shirker were blasted and died. Delnor was hit with fire from Krip and almost died. Devour’s body was destroyed so he hopped to Delnor. Johnathan turned all doll at the sight of his dead brother. Krip grabbed Rex and retreated to the Mealstrom. Tam beheaded Delnor, which caused Deevour to hop to Elana. Rowan was blasted and killed as he tried to get Johnathan to move. Tam ran and grabbed Johnathan and ran back to the ship.
All the animal companions past their natural life span died as The World died. Tam and Krip held a funeral for little Shirker and the others.
Then Captain’s ghost appeared. Since he is a Crane he could not go anywhere, so he stayed on the ship as a ghost.
The druids got everyone to the mountains.

Later we find out that Captain;s lady was pregnant with a half elf girl. Rex and Krip raiss her on the ship and she becomes Captain Claudia Crane.



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