The Delacroix family is a very powerful family in the north that rules the fortified city of Delavash. Headed by Victor Delacroix, there are many Delacroixs whose numbers always seem to grow but rarely decrease with death. While they appear peaceful for now, they have been known to be hostile in the past. While it is not widely known, it is suspected that the Delacroix are unnatural beings, and a select few know what they truely are; a family of vampires. The Delacroix house runs differently than other vampire houses, stretching their political reach to all the cities in South Astaire.

The family tree can be seen here.

Every 100 years the Delacroix family will choose one person who is worthy of becoming a vampire. This person is usually placed in the army as a general, but rarely do they ever take their place in the Delacroix family.

The Delavash Army has many companies, but the two most powerful ones are The Delavash Diplomatic First Company and The Delavash Second Company. As the name suggests, the first one is sent when martial force may be necessary, but it isn’t the initial intent. Unlike the other companies, the DDFC is more concerned with keeping the peace between Delavash and the Sanguine cities. The Second Company is the actual punch of Delavash, and is only sent out when something or someone needs the be taken out.


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